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Customise each of your client’s needs, using configurable modules and tools. You are in control, from Flex Benefits and Pensions Auto Enrolment, through to intelligent automated HR and communications.
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Features to make your life easier

We work with professional advisers such as you every day. These are just some of the modules and features you can deliver to your clients in the UK and around the world.

Combine Benefits, Pensions Auto Enrolment and HR

No other platform is genuinely integrated across Flex Benefits, Pensions Automatic Enrolment and HR. Instead of multiple connected systems, MyWorkPal’s capability is all interlinked across a single database. This means contributions and reporting are accurate and fast, the user experience is all joined-up, and data transfers are just so simple they take care of themselves.

API integrations

MyWorkPal is built with API at its core. You can interrogate it for data in realtime, even send data back into it.


If you know about APIs then you know our question to you: what do you want it to do?

Replicate benefit rules and content

When adding a new client to your platform, simply “clone” content and sophisticated benefit rules & logic from an existing client, then customise it. This  saves potentially weeks of work and maintains consistent quality.

Email Broadcasting and Communications

Personalise automated emails, whether confirming enrolments, or targeting a product/service bulletin to a sub-set of employees. The filtering and user profiling tools make this a cinch.

Report Builder

Not got a specific report that you need? Build it with the tools provided. Then save it as a template, make it available to all your clients, and even set it to run on a regular basis and notify all relevant people each time it’s ready.

Single Sign On – Inbound and Outbound

Provide clients with a Single Sign-On so they don’t need a password to access your platform from their network. Once they’re in, they can then Single Sign outbound to related benefits; a much simpler experience with full security.

Automatic data Uploads and Downloads via SFTP, Drobox or Google Drive

Fed up with manually uploading or downloading reports? Our Upload/Download wizard allows you to map data to automatically upload and download to a secure location. Ideal for easier payroll and HR integration.

Data Triggers with Intelligent Automation

Lifestyle windows can now look after themselves. If your platform detects changes in data (e.g. salary, dependants, etc.), it can automatically open windows and send emails to relevant staff, saving a huge amount of unnecessary admin time. It’s a bit like the future, but it’s now.

Flexible employee benefits with sophisticated rules-driven benefit builder

Clients and their employees need access to easy-to-use, reportable and configurable employee benefits. You and your administrators get a user friendly content management system to create your own complex rules-driven benefit enrolments, plus document libraries and any associated content. Employees get total reward statements, personalised dashboards, all their eligible benefits in one place, whe you can provide them with education on finances and health matters and a more joined-up, communicative working life. Creating a flexible benefits platform that works for everyone.

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It’s not just about benefits, we also have HR modules for you to provide to clients

A well-rounded HR platform is a powerful way of adding stickiness to support each client’s benefits offering. Our HR modules help managers to digitise, simplify and secure their data and processes, as all data is in one place and on one platform. Pick and choose only the ones that are needed, from:

  • Holidays and Absence
  • Company Announcements
  • Staff Surveys
  • Tasks and Policy Compliance
  • Personal Expenses Management
  • Company Card Expenses Reconciliation
  • Recruitment Centre
  • Reward and Recognition
  • Online Payslips, P60s and employee letters
  • And much more

Need something completely new?

Our platform is continuously evolving thanks to feedback, insights and suggestions from our client network and of course our own extensive roadmap. If you need something special, speak to us – we’d love to know more. Here are some examples of the unique features we’ve built.

Example 1: Pension Modellers

Our Calculator Engine module lets you build rules-based logic using employee data, then output your results as graphics, numbers, or even advisory text.

“Client P” asked their actuarial staff to transpose their internal Excel-based pension projction modellers onto our Calculator Engine. The result is an employee-facing retirement modeller allowing DC and DB schemes to display projected income for Annuities, Drawdown, Cash, across variable life expectancies. It even has a traffic light alert for those at risk of hitting their Annual or Lifetime Allowance limits. They’ve delivered this for over 50 of their corporate client firms.

Another client uses the Calculator Engine to drive their Attitude to Risk Profiler. Another for a complex online questionnaire. It’s so flexible.

Example 2: Flex Spending Accounts

A core part of MyWorkPal is support for employees that receive a Benefit Allowance, or Flex Account.

“Client L” took this a step further, to allow their international regions to have multiple Flex Accounts, which can each be earmarked for specific benefits or groups of benefits.

Using our configurable Expression Engine, the value of each user’s Flex Account is calculated based on various details (e.g. length of service, salary, previous history, etc). They can spend their balance(s) on their designated benefits related to each Flex Account, whether it’s health, protection, retail, etc. The range of choice is entirely up to what you and your client agree.

This was all done using our exisiting configuration capability, without the need (or cost or time) for our developers to write any new code into the system. Challenge us to see if MyWorkPal can solve your conundrums.

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