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We’ve been developing industry leading, trend setting software for employee benefits and financial services for over 20 years. 

Developing industry leading online software since 1997

The core team at Avantus Systems has been at the cutting edge of on-line financial services software since 1997. They were among the first in the UK to produce employee benefits communication systems and therefore they have huge strength in depth of market experience.

Other early initiatives included Direct-to-Consumer platforms, such as on-line investment supermarkets, annuity quotes and insurance comparison websites, news feeds, interactive planning tools and other innovative financial services and workplace products.

The team started Avantus Systems (as part of the Avantus Business Solutions group) in 2013, with the single aim of creating MyWorkPal, the next-generation cloud-based, workplace engagement platform. With that aim successfully achieved, the evolution is even more exciting.

Philosophy of MyWorkpal

In 2013 we noticed workplace technology had stagnated, benefits were inflexible and most systems were churning undervalued products to staff with no progress in true engagement – Where was job satisfaction, increased productivity and employee retention? We put our thinking caps on.

All of us have 3 life aspects:
1. Finances (financial wellness)
2. Necessities (physical and mental health)
3. Lifestyle (personal goals and leisure)

If the employer helps employees to balance their Finances and Necessities through the workplace, they stand a better chance of living their preferred lifestyle – and this where emotional engagement happens, as we all value achieving our personal goals, especially if we know our employer has recognised that value.

It follows: an emotionally engaged employee = a productive and retained employee = a more successful employer = a retained adviser. We want to help you build on that success, it’s what MyWorkPal is all about.

Our culture

We build relationships; in fact we’ve never lost a client

Our vision for MyWorkPal is for your clients to deliver a consistently excellent experience for their employees so that they want to stay with you and then you want to stay with us. It’s a virtuous circle. We want to constantly enhance this most versatile and customisable workplace engagement platform to keep you ahead of your competition.

We achieve that by being interested in your business, always keeping you informed, then updating and improving our underlying software for employee benefits so that it is always relevant, secure, fully flexible, reliable and easy to use for you, your clients and most importantly their employees.

Our people

The superstar team behind MyWorkPal

Each member of our highly motivated and experienced team loves what they do. Whilst industry technology leaders James Whelan, Andrew Byham and Gary Wilkinson guide the vison and direction of the business, their energy is nothing compared to the incredibly talented, intelligent and dedicated team that creates, builds, tests and supports the varying complex needs of our clients.

We all share this enjoyable and pioneering journey and this rubs off on our clients too, which means you’ll discover that working with us doesn’t really feel like work at all.

Always at the leading edge

The team at Avantus Systems constantly keeps abreast of the latest industry regulation, web technologies and consumer trends. We contribute articles, commentary and insight to industry publications, sharing our views and listening to others.

We want to ensure we’re always at the leading edge, creating new and exciting tools to help intermediaries add true value and maintain our enviable position of being imitated by others.

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