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We don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake. Everything we build is created to make working life better. Because our platforms are completely flexible, you’ll never feel like you’ve been sold something you don’t need.
MyWorkPal is responsive, not just across every device, but also languages, currencies, regions and cultures. We help you to get the best out of what your clients need.
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What sets us apart

Our technology is constantly evolving because we know that your business is also evolving. We work as an ideas factory, always visualising what will make our technology and the features we offer better for you, your clients and their employees. We’d love your input on making improvements to our MyWorkPal platform, we’re truly crowd-sourced by our own roadmap and by the people who enjoy using our technology every day.

Multi-tenanted, SaaS and configurable

Gone are the days of each client benefits system being a separate website. This is the new world of joined-up and streamlined thinking, time and cost efficiency, and real care about the ultimate end user – the employee.

Flexible technology based on industry standards

We identified that most businesses use Microsoft tools. Therefore, against the grain of many web agencies, we chose the Microsoft stack for our platform, with our own twist to keep it hugely flexible. The result? Easier integrations, better working practices and stronger future-proofing.


Many platforms are built to support a certain size of client. But with our multi-tenancy technology we have separated our Database, Logic and Presentation layers. This means you can accommodate any size of client on our cloud, whether it’s 10 or 10,000+ employees.

Easily integrate 3rd party systems

Need to link to a benefit provider via Single Sign-On? Need to report data into payroll via API? We provide config tools for you to do most (and sometimes all) of the setup. It’s less time, more accurate and lower cost. 

Easy to use content management system

Don’t think of MyWorkPal as a benefits system. It’s a full Employee Engagement Platform. Create unlimited web pages, menus, document and media libraries, surveys, widgets and dashboards. Run email campaigns. This is just the beginning.

Always up-to-date

“Other” platforms demand an extra fee to “upgrade” to their latest version. We’re different here. After all, the employees of your clients are our business, so we ensure they are always on the latest version. We do it all for you regularly, out-of-hours, and for no extra charge. You won’t get left behind.

Make life easier for employees and HR admins

Our technology has completely configurable capabilities to match the needs for each of our client’s platforms. It delivers all the HR and employee benefit platform modules you’d expect, plus some intelligent, personalised and automated features that you wouldn’t.

Whether you’re looking for existing modules specifically for one client or need something unique, our technology can help.

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